Friday, May 29, 2009

Recent paintings and my collaboration with Polarity!

This painting is featured on the locket set I collaborated on with Cat from Polarity!


amanda said...

Wow! I really love your paintings, how neat that you had them put on jewelry, so exciting!

Keep painting Morgan you really have a knack for it!

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Your art on jewellery is excellent Morgan! You're very creative!


Fannie said...

Hi, Morgan. My name is Fannie. I love your paintings. The colors you used are pretty. Your jewelry is nice too.

I have a grandson who enjoys painting with me. He wants to be an artist and drive a truck when he grows up. ;-D

Keep creating. You're doing great!

Lori E said...

Morgan, you have been tagged and if it is okay with your mom ask her to explain how this works. It is a list of 6 things about you that mom will allow you to post on your blog. Then you can tag up to 6 people to do the same thing.
It will help showcase your artwork to new viewers.

Lori E said...

ooops I forgot to leave you the link.

Wynona said...

Grandma Nonie said...
I received the necklace in the mail Morgan and I just love it.
Keep up the good work. You are doing great!
I love you!
Grandma Nonie